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Dorothy Murphy

Dorothy Murphy – Holy Spirit (Hear Our Cry) Music Video

Dorothy Cover PicWhen Dorothy was 2 years old, as we arrived at our vacation destination, she asked her Dad and I, standing on the sidewalk with her head tilted to one side, “Where’s the church?” A few months later sickness tried to overtake her small body, and the breadth of Dorothy was nearly gone. I knew God had a purpose for her, and stood on the Word of God that said, “The Spirit of God has made (her) and the breath of the Almighty has given (her) life.” (Job 33:4)  As par­ents, we stood on that life giving Word, and called out to the God of mercies to save our child. This is exactly what He did on that miraculous day of October 15th, 1986.  She received her breath back and today she has given it back to Him for His Glory and the Healing of the Nations.

Dorothy has had dreams and visions of ministering to people thru song since she was very young.  She has always seen herself traveling and ministering to others. Her heart has always been moved by those who are down and out.  She has gone on mission trips to El Salvador and Honduras, as she visited the prisoners and worked with orphans in the local orphanage.  Her heart is for the struggling youth, who need God’s unfailing love.  She would always say, “Mom, I want my songs to minister life to hurting people… to people who do not go to church… to people who do not know Jesus.  I want to make a difference with the songs I sing.”

Dorothy has dealt with her own battles of rejection and insecurities that seemed difficult to con­quer at times, which led to the building up of some walls which surrounded her as a teenager and young adult.  Today, through her faith in God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit enabling her to break free, she has been given the songs you hear in her debut project: “I’ll Meet You There”.

Dorothy is a yielded vessel for God to pour out His words of healing to a dark world that needs His life, His love and His light!  May you be blessed as you listen to her songs.

Mary Murphy | Manager

Dorothy Murphy – “I’ll Meet You There” Music Video